Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt, PhD

Solid State Physics


PhD and Lic theses

Oskar Ström, PhD thesis, 10 FEB 2023.

Opponent Prof Kevin Dorfman, University of Minnesota

Oskar Ström, Lic thesis (pdf), "Microfluidic devices for preparation and analysis of long DNA", 6 NOV 2020. Opponent Docent Mahiar Hamedi, KTH, Stockholm.

Trung Si Hoai Tran, PhD thesis (pdf), "Deterministic Lateral Displacement for Cell Separation”, 14 June, 2019. Opponent Professor Nikolaj Gadegaard, University of Glasgow, UK.

Bao Dang Ho, PhD thesis (optimized), PhD thesis (full size), "Cell Sorting in Pillar Arrays based on Electrokinetics and Morphology”, November 23, 2018. Opponent Professor Michael Hughes, University of Surrey, UK.

Kushagr Punyani, Licentiate thesis, "Label-free particle sorting: Technology and biological applications", March 14, 2018. Opponent Dr Håkan Jönsson, KTH/SciLife, Stockholm

Stefan Holm, PhD thesis (optimized pdf), "Microfluidic Cell and Particle Sorting using Deterministic Lateral Displacement", March 16, 2018. Opponent Prof Brian Kirby, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

Trung S. H. Tran, Lic thesis, “Deterministic Lateral Displacement for Cell Sorting”, seminar November 23, 2017. Opponent Dr Aman Russom, KTH / SciLifeLabs, Stockholm.

Bao Dang Ho, Lic thesis, “Deterministic Sorting by Electrical Properties and Morphology”, June 16, 2017. Opponent Dr Andreas Dahlin, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg.

Henrik Persson, PhD thesis, “Nanowires in Cell Biology – Exploring Interactions and Applications”, September 19, 2014. Opponent Dr Jean-François Berret, Université Diderot, Paris.

Camilla Freitag, Lic thesis, “Single molecule studies of DNA in fluidic systems”, June 7, 2013. Opponent Prof. Lena Eliasson, Lund University.

Jason Beech, PhD thesis, “Microfluidics – Separation and Analysis of Biological Particles”, November 22, 2011. Opponent Prof. Shuichi Takayama, University of Michegan. 

Jason Beech, Lic thesis, “Tuneable Separation in Deterministic Lateral Displacement Devices”, October 29, 2009. Opponent Prof. Mattias Goksör, University of Gothenburg.


Master theses

Oskar Ström on the project “RBC deformability fractionation and hydro- dynamic trapping for studying Plasmodium Falciparum infection” (January 17, 2017) [download pdf 6.5 Mb]

Alexandra Kühnlein on the project "Handling of long DNA - applications and polymer physics" (May 16, 2016) [download pdf 2.5 Mb]

Stefano Scaramuzza  on the project “DNA Denaturation Mapping in Nanochannels for Bacterial Identification” (December 21, 2014) [download pdf 1.6 Mb]

Anastasia Syntychaki  on the project “Deterministic Later Displacement for Characterization of Bacterial Secretion” (August 25, 2014) [download pdf 3.1 Mb]

Susanne Norlén on the project “Development and Fabrication of a Microfuidic Device for Future Applications in Cell Injection Experiments” (30 January 2013) [download pdf 2.3 Mb]

Stefan Holm on the project “Shaped based sorting of blood and parasites” (7 June 2012) [download pdf 13 Mb]

Masoomeh Ghasemi (Lund University) on the project: “Shape and deformability in deterministic lateral displacement devices” (4 June 2012) [download pdf 13 Mb]

Eric Sandlund (University of Gothenburg) on the project: “Image processing of confined DNA molecules” (15 June 2012) [download pdf 6.8 Mb]

Farnaz Yadegari (Lund University) on the project: “Fluidics and Guidance in Hollow Nanowires” (19 December 2011) [download pdf 4.6 Mb]

Kalle Adolphsson on the project “Blood sorting using deterministic lateral displacement” (7 June 2011) [download pdf 3.2 Mb]

Mattias Törnqvist on the project “Droplet generation in microfluidic channels for encapsulation” (Feb 2011) [download pdf 1.5 Mb]

Jon Lind: “Cell Synchronization on a chip.” (3 October 2008) [download pdf 4.8 Mb]

Marcus Jansson: “Single-Molecule Diffusion Measurements in Lipid Bilayers” (co-advisor) (fall 2008) [download pdf 14 Mb]

Hanna Nicklasson: “Synchronization by size-fractionation on a chip.” (14 June  2007) [download pdf 2.7 Mb]

Anette Lundqvist: “Deterministic separation of soft micro-spheres” (14 June 2007) [download pdf 4 Mb]

Anna Mölder: “Single-Molecule Detection in Living Cells”  (23 November 2006)

Pelle Sommansson: “Deterministic Cell Separation” (25 September 2006) [download pdf 7Mb]

Jason Beech: “Elastic Deterministic Lateral Displacement Devices - Stretching the Limits of Separation” (30 Aug 2005) [download pdf 4.2 Mb]

Magnus Jonsson: “Integration of nanowires with microfluidics for bioapplications” (15 Sep 2005) [download pdf 3.7 Mb]

Jonas Berggren: “Fundamentals and Limits of DNA Nanotechnology” (21 Jan 2005) [download pdf 1.1 Mb]

Håkan Jönsson: “Microfluidics for lab-on-a-chip applications” (28 Jan 2005) [download pdf 1.8Mb]

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Contact information Lund:


Jonas Tegenfeldt

Office Q142
Division of Solid State Physics
Department of Physics
Lund University
Box 118
SE-221 00 Lund

Visiting address:
Professorsgatan 1
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Office Phone: +46-(0)46-222 8063 (forwarded to mobile phone)
Fax: +46-(0)46-222 3637
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Optics and fluidics labs (Q129 and Q112)
Soft lithography (PDMS) lab (Q126)
Super resolution microscopy (STED) lab (Q115)
Microbiology lab (BSL2) (Q262)

Biochemistry Lab (Q226)

Storage room (C266A)


Short CV:


2014 - present Full Professor at Solid State Physics, Lund University

2008-2014 VR-financed "Rådsforskare" (Eng: Senior Research Fellowship Award)

2003-2008 VR-financed "Forskarassistent" (Eng: Assistant Professor)

2007 Docent (Associate Professor) in Solid State Physics

1998 - 2003 PostDoc at Princeton University

1997 PhD in Solid State Physics Lund University

1991 MSc in Engineering Physics / Materials Science Uppsala University

1986 Swedish Defense Institute of Language (Military Service)


Research interests

Micro and nanotechnology to address life science problems.


  • Separation science
  • Nanofluidics
  • Polymers in confined environments
  • Tools for single-cell biology
  • Super resolution microscopy (STED)