Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt, PhD

Solid State Physics




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Contact information Lund:


Jonas Tegenfeldt

Office Q142
Division of Solid State Physics
Department of Physics
Lund University
Box 118
SE-221 00 Lund

Visiting address:
Professorsgatan 1
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Office Phone: +46-(0)46-222 8063 (forwarded to mobile phone)
Fax: +46-(0)46-222 3637
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Optics and fluidics labs (Q129 and Q112)
Soft lithography (PDMS) lab (Q126)
Super resolution microscopy (STED) lab (Q115)
Microbiology lab (BSL2) (Q262)

Biochemistry Lab (Q226)

Storage room (C266A)


Short CV:


2014 - present Full Professor at Solid State Physics, Lund University

2008-2014 VR-financed "Rådsforskare" (Eng: Senior Research Fellowship Award)

2003-2008 VR-financed "Forskarassistent" (Eng: Assistant Professor)

2007 Docent (Associate Professor) in Solid State Physics

1998 - 2003 PostDoc at Princeton University

1997 PhD in Solid State Physics Lund University

1991 MSc in Engineering Physics / Materials Science Uppsala University

1986 Swedish Defense Institute of Language (Military Service)


Research interests

Micro and nanotechnology to address life science problems.


  • Separation science
  • Nanofluidics
  • Polymers in confined environments
  • Tools for single-cell biology
  • Super resolution microscopy (STED)